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November’s Poet: Maggie Munoz ’16

THE POET I write with the intention of balancing both honesty and creativity. Poetry is my outlet for the people and images that are burned into my memory so clearly, that [...]

Poetry by: Angela Pitsoulakis ’16

The Green Comb My mother sets me free. When I run in Greek air or when I try on my big sister’s clothes She smiles a black and white smile. But now she is behind my back [...]

Poetry by: Kylee Mattox ’18

“Cedar Lane” It’s that moment that you and I talk about Where you feel, whilst you are in the present, That this very moment is a pure one, an eternal space. These [...]

A Shared Scar

She could have gotten away with a just sending a card. Instead, Jennifer’s on a bus to Phoenix – and she’ll do anything to get there. The bus stank; it [...]