Campus Spotlight: Sound & Fury

On Friday, Oct. 30, students from Sound & Fury, Trinity’s Shakespeare club, put on a performance of Macbeth to celebrate Halloween. Founder and President Raekwon Wheeler ’18 explains the vision of Sound & Fury and their purpose within the Trinity community.

“The purpose of Sound & Fury is to add to the overall culture and atmosphere of the Trinity community by showcasing performing arts and exposing students, faculty and local audiences to Shakespeare. It is this club’s intention to hold shows regularly for the college campus and Hartford community. In addition to performances, we hope to create fun, vibrant, educational performances with contemporary references to help audiences form an understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare through YouTube videos.

There are not many, if any, student-run theater productions on campus beyond the work of senior thesis students. There is a litany of a capella groups, but other performing arts groups are few and far between. The Arts can very easily go unnoticed and are often unappreciated. Sound & Fury is working towards changing that.

We hope to continue performances on campus and for the Hartford community, and next semester we aim to establish an annual showcase of Shakespeare entitled, “Shakespeare on the Quad.” In terms of long-term goals, we want to partner with local schools to help teach Shakespearean literature and bring class readings to life through performances. We will travel off campus to view performances of Shakespeare and expose students to Hartford’s offerings, such as the Hartford Stage. Lastly, we want to raise money for performing art charities and causes.

‘All the world’s a stage’ and Sound & Fury is growing that stage right here at Trinity and in Hartford.”

-Raekwon Wheeler, President of Sound & Fury

To get involved, email or
Check out Sound & Fury’s Facebook:
Check out their YouTube:

Photos by: Lorenzo Puopolo ’18

DSC_4051 DSC_4056 DSC_4015 DSC_4042 DSC_4033

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