We are a Trinity College campus newsmagazine – for the students, by the students.


Here at The Beacon, we believe in being global citizens, in paving the way across borders, races, cultures and city perimeters and in trying to make sense of all the complexities we face. But we know it’s a tough job being enlightened, so we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve broken down key issues from abroad and here at home. We’ve got some creative inspiration for you, too.

We did the hard part – now all you have to do is follow the light.


IMG_3090 (1)
Editor-in-Chief: Alicia Abbaspour ’18
IMG_3078 (1)
Editor-in-Chief: Emily Dowden ’18
IMG_3073 (1)
Art Editor: Hunter Mitchell-Adams ’18
IMG_3048 (1)
National Editor: Brandon Campbell ’18
IMG_3037 (1)
Copy Editor: Tristan Mcconnell ’18
IMG_3034 (1)
Editor-in-Chief: Alicia Abbaspour ’18
IMG_3052 (1)
Graphic Designer: Sofia Safran ’18
IMG_3040 (1)
Staff Writer: Gus Daly ’19
Staff Writer: Stephanie Irvin-Taha ’18
IMG_3065 (1)
Staff Writer: Matthew Boyle ’19
IMG_3061 (1)
Staff Writer: Parker Brown ’19

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