President Berger-Sweeney Pushes for a New Campus Culture

Major changes are in store for Trinity College. On April 21, 2015, President Joanne Berger-Sweeney instituted The Campaign for Community to enhance the collective’s collegiate experience. Trinity’s website describes the President’s initiatives, such as this campaign and the Bantam Network, as a strategy “designed by students for students” to “make [students] quickly feel at home at Trinity.” These illustrate an active pursuit to improve the collective’s collegiate experience.

The campaign is divided into five student led groups, which have been assigned a professional consultant to mentor them in the fields of  leadership and team development. Each faction of the campaign addresses one of the following issues: School Pride, Trintersectionality, Academic Integrity, Rape Culture and Community Involvement. These sections, which Trinity Senior Arleigha Cook states were created to “focus on specific aspects of the community that could use some work,” render a comprehensive illustration of the difficulties which plague the Trinity community. While some section names are self-explanatory, others require further clarification. Trinity Sophomore Tim McDermott defines Trintersectionality as “environmental sustainability, involvement with the Hartford community and promotion of conversation on campus.”

The campaign also promote a positive relationship with Hartford, hoping to inspire a complete understanding of the reality of life in Hartford for its citizens. Trinity Senior Nico Nagle suggests the campaign will accomplish a cohesive community by implement reforms such as “a community service requirement [which would] incentivize students to apply what they learn in class to the real world in Hartford.” These efforts are dedicated to improving the college’s perception of the city and vice versa.

The Campaign for Community’s success depends on campus involvement. The Campaign for Community offers the student body a microphone and a stage.

By: Matthew Boyle ’19

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